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We're a a global cloud & communications solution provider (CSP2)  with deep roots in services support. We build reliable, performance driven ,  and fully customizable cloud systems on Azure or on our bare metal platform focusing on delivering ARM, Intel, NVIDIA Silicon as a Service (SiaaS)  that's made for your workloads. [WE BUILD THE CLOUD].

Countries within every Telco, network operator, and ground stations
Customer specific Global  Environments
Less multi-vendor or cloud support tickets

Mibura Timeline

Feb 8, 2008

Our founders left EMC believing professional services and support for IT should go hand-in-hand. With $5,000, they were determined to deliver  predictable, reliable, and VERY cost effective support for companies and government agencies of all sizes.  This was the start of our support services which today serves as the backbone of our company. 

2009 - Microsoft Partnership

Started working with Microsoft engineering on supporting its Hosted Messaging Solution, which would turn into Microsoft 365.

2010 - Dell partnership

Leader in US West, Central  in subcontracting services for Dell SMB, Midmarket, and Fed.


SBA 8A Program Enrollment & First independent US Department of Defense contract.

2014 onwards

Continuous year-over-year growth of 100%+ and zero debt.


Mibura expands worldwide operations in Europe, Asia, Japan and the Americas, driving big ideas across the globe.


Mibura starts to work with every telecom and network operator in building edge platforms with a focus on compute and data sovereignty. 


Mibura opens in China as Biao Da Yun Duan (Guangdong) technology co., Ltd.


Mibura focuses on research & academics in working to deliver global low latency networks in data center and edge facilities. We brings together the world's broadest GenAI infrastructure portfolio with the world's most comprehensive multi cloud portfolio to help lead the AI revolution.

Our Purpose

We believe the world will need more and more computing power. In fact, we’re currently experiencing a shift towards accelerated computing. Where does one start: In a public cloud? At a data center? In a garage? 

The answer is all three – as long as you have the right support. 

In today’s marketplace of so many cloud providers, IT vendors, and network operators, customers  need  a fast and reliable support system from getting things off the ground to keeping things going with five nines uptime (99.99999%) . Mission critical doesn’t have to mean millions of dollars in support and hardline  maintenance contracts. They need to be dependable with the right subject matter experts available 24x7 and  at a  low cost. We work with all OEMs, ODMs, Manufacturers, Software companies and Cloud platforms so you don't have to.

Our services division is preferred by F500 companies

We've always been focused on building the cloud before it was ever called [cloud]

Our Values

Focus on the mission

Mibura is dedicated to its mission: to guarantee that the transformative power of accelerated global computing benefits individuals and communities worldwide. As we anticipate swift advancements this decade, we foresee that more sophisticated systems will introduce new challenges. Our commitment to our mission is reflected in our efforts to construct cutting-edge systems, analyze networks, deploy them conscientiously, and consistently disseminate our findings. We engage in collaboration with various projects and stakeholders who share our vision for a prosperous future.

Highest level of trust

Our organization thrives on a foundation of exceptional trust: we operate on the principle of good faith, approach disagreements with kindness, and hold honesty in high regard. We value emotional intelligence and a willingness to entertain diverse thoughts. This culture of trust empowers us to reach organizational decisions that surpass what we could achieve individually. Our global operations are successful thanks to the mutual respect and collaboration across all regions.

One big global team 24x7

At Mibura, collaboration is the cornerstone of our operations, ethos, and value to our clients. Despite our teams being notably compact, there’s a shared understanding that we are collectively contributing to a common goal. Our leadership outlines the strategic direction, drawing extensively on insights from the entire team, and entrusts each segment of the organization to achieve these objectives in their distinctive manner. It’s commonplace for team members to offer their expertise across various domains.

Keep it simple so it all works

We value simplicity and practicality, always opting for straightforward solutions before delving into complex ones. Our approach is grounded in pragmatism, recognizing the necessity of balance and compromise. We’re advocates of empirical methods—testing and experiencing to discover what truly succeeds—and we integrate this philosophy into our research, engineering, and teamwork. Transparency about our knowledge and uncertainties is key for us. And above all, our passion for learning never ceases!

How we work

Support as code

Mibura converges a  marketplace of platforms, works to automate as much as possible, and adds the human touch to make it all work together.

Where possible, we will always carry support contracts from our partner platforms, OEMs, 3rd party provider/vendors so that if we need a firmware update or are unable to resolve, we can reach out and open a support ticket. 

Technical Support (24/7)

Expected response times:

  • Critical Sev 1: 15-min for Azure/1-hour for all other products
  • 1-hour Sev A/2-hour Sev B/4-hour Sev C

Escalation Management

  • For Critical Business System Down issues, resource assigned after 15- minutes for Azure, or 1-hour for all other products
  • For Critical Business System Degraded issues, resource assigned after 1- hour for all products

IT Health

On-demand assessments with as-needed setup and configuration services

Cloud Assistance

Billing support provided by the Azure Support team (included in the free support)

Account Management

Assigned Customer Success Account Manager

Advisory Support

Advisory Phone Support

Our Process

Tell us what you'd like - as much or as little detail as you have (even just a BOM).

We listen to all your design considerations in architecting the best solution for your needs.


Intel, AMD, Arm basic cores or GPU, memory, direct storage for complete control send us your build.


BGP, on or off net, peering, interconnect, wireless and location


Let us know if you need hot or cold storage, and share your size requirements -- we'll take care of the rest.

Support & Maintenance

We provide ongoing support and maintenance for all your project needs.


Services spanning across industries

VARs, Systems Integrators

Value-Added Resellers (VARs) and Systems Integrators require robust on-premise and cloud infrastructure, Telecom services, and IT skills to design, implement, and support tailored solutions for their clients' unique business needs. We provide services for the top 10 VARs nationally.

Information Technology

Large IT companies heavily depend on our service engineers and consultants for subcontracting expertise to develop, deploy, and maintain innovative technology solutions for their clients since 2011.

Manufacturing & Retail

Manufacturers and retailers depend on on-premise and cloud infrastructure, Telecom services, and IT support for managing supply chains, optimizing production processes, and offering seamless customer experiences across various channels, such as online and in-store.

Civil Government

Public sector entities rely on on-premise infrastructure and cloud services to manage sensitive data, streamline operations, and provide accessible digital services to citizens. IT services and Telecom solutions ensure efficient communication and collaboration within and between government agencies.

Media & Entertainment

Media and entertainment companies utilize on-premise, cloud, and colocation infrastructure for content creation, storage, and distribution, while partnering with Telecom providers to reach broader audiences and ensure seamless user experiences. We've worked in animation post production studios delivering rendering farms and providing the tools they need to keep us all entertained!

Global Web Platforms

Web platform companies, such as social media and e-commerce giants, depend on massive, geographically distributed data centers, cloud services, and Telecom partnerships to ensure high availability, scalability, and resilience of their digital services. We deliver hardware around the world working closely with manufacturers, logistics, and network operators including peering exchanges matching the cloud's infamous scalability.

Life Science

Life science organizations require secure on-premise and cloud infrastructure, high-performance computing resources, and IT support to handle vast datasets, analyze research findings, and drive innovation in medicine, genetics, and biotechnology. Researchers & scientists are discovering novel ways to  not only cure diseases but also prevent them through fast storage systems and accelerated computing platforms. This is where biology meets technology, a brand new frontier that’s rapidly evolving.


Financial institutions utilize on-premise infrastructure and private or public cloud services to manage sensitive financial data, offer innovative digital services, and ensure regulatory compliance. IT services and Telecom solutions are integral to their day-to-day operations and customer engagements. Building Cloud APIs and involved monitoring platform under our virtual NOCs watchful eyes have seen trillions of dollars transact and pass through legacy systems securely.

Big Tech

Major technology companies depend on their own vast, cutting-edge data centers and cloud services, along with Telecom partnerships, to deliver advanced digital solutions and services to consumers and businesses worldwide.


Energy companies rely on industrial control systems, IoT devices, on-premise infrastructure, and cloud services to manage electricity grids, optimize energy production, and ensure secure data exchange with partners and clients. Local water agencies and energy plants use on-premise virtualization systems managed by our monitoring and alert services to ensure the  lights stay on and water keeps running safely.

Multinational Corporations

Large, global companies depend on a mix of on-premise, cloud, and colocation infrastructure to ensure seamless communication, collaboration, and data management across various locations, often supplemented by IT services and Telecom solutions to maintain operational efficiency. Excelling with smaller divisions of multinational companies gave us the opportunity to get called up in working for the HQ.


Companies in various sectors, ranging from retail to hospitality, rely on on-premise and cloud infrastructure, Telecom services, and IT support to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and maintain a competitive edge in their respective markets. Our support services for small and medium businesses’ across North America is the heart of our company.


Telecom companies have a significant dependence on their own proprietary network infrastructure, as well as data centers and cloud services to provide reliable connectivity and advanced communications solutions to their customers; working with Mibura in extending capacity in their facility at moments notice.


National security agencies and defense contractors often utilize a combination of on-premise and cloud infrastructure to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive data, while leveraging IT services to maintain a technological edge. We've built and deployed mission critical Compute for cyber defense across satellite communications supporting our troops, determining threat level in air, over land, and on sea.

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