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Benefits of Silicon as a Service

Efficient Resource Utilization

Silicon as a Service (SiaaS) revolutionizes hardware access by offering pay-per-use or licensed activation models, reducing upfront costs and enabling optimized resource allocation for advanced technical needs.

Agile Accessibility

With SiaaS, gain unparalleled flexibility in accessing hardware silicon, ensuring resources are available precisely when and where they're needed, empowering your technical teams to innovate without constraint.

Sustainability and Innovation

SiaaS addresses the challenges of resource scarcity and product obsolescence, promoting sustainable practices while staying ahead with continuous access to cutting-edge features and services.


Mibura's Products

NVIDIA Nvidia GB200 and B200

Next-Gen AI and Computing Power:
NVIDIA platforms lead the charge in AI, HPC, and graphics, empowering innovations in medical imaging, retail recommendation systems, automated customer service, and immersive gaming experiences.

Accelerated Cloud Computing
NVIDIA GPU-accelerated solutions, available on major cloud platforms, offer unparalleled performance for AI training, inference, HPC, and graphics workloads, minimizing operational costs and maximizing return on investment.

Seamless Scalability and Deployment:
With simplified IT management, scalable resources, and performance-optimized software stacks, NVIDIA's cloud solutions provide agility and flexibility, extending from on-premises to hybrid and edge environments, supported by enterprise-grade support services.

Intel Edge Platform

Empowering Your Edge Transformation:
Intel offers comprehensive edge technology solutions tailored to your industry, combining edge computing, IoT devices, AI, and 5G connectivity to unlock real-time insights and drive tangible business value.

Tailored Solutions for Every Industry:
Whether you're in retail, healthcare, telecommunications, manufacturing, energy, or transportation, Intel's edge technology solutions enable you to optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, and innovate with confidence.

Complete Edge Ecosystem:
From hardware to software to security solutions, Intel provides a complete portfolio of edge-ready technologies, including IoT processors, FPGAs, Ethernet products, data center GPUs, and networking solutions, supported by expertise to accelerate your edge deployment and transform your business.

Arm CPU Neoverse V3

Unprecedented Performance: The Arm Neoverse V3 CPU sets new benchmarks in performance, boasting double-digit improvements over its predecessor on cloud and machine learning applications, ensuring maximum efficiency for high-demand workloads.

AI-Optimized Platform:
With a robust memory subsystem, high-speed die-to-die links, and Arm's fastest Neoverse CPU, the Neoverse V3 platform is tailor-made for AI accelerator development, enabling seamless integration and optimization for AI workloads.

Cutting-Edge Security:
Neoverse V3 leads the industry in security with its support for the Arm Confidential Compute Architecture, ensuring highly secure, memory-encrypted cloud VMs, setting new standards for data protection and privacy in advanced technical environments.

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