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Who we are

We are a modest, highly effective, and endlessly curious group of individuals, geographically dispersed across the globe, who come together to tackle complex network, compute, storage and various computer science related problems with humility and a commitment to value different perspectives.

With a couple decades of experience in the Information Technology industry, Mibura has grown deeply invested in the vision of transforming network infrastructure to global edge computing. This vision resonates with me as it aims to demystify and streamline networking for users everywhere. The journey towards building a robust global edge computing network has been both challenging and rewarding. Working remotely has not only enhanced my productivity but also allowed me the flexibility to better serve our diverse clientele. I thrive on tackling complex issues and deriving solutions that enhance our customer's experience. The camaraderie and ambition within our team make every challenge a shared adventure and every success a collective triumph.

YingChao Wang
Senior Lead Infrastructure Engineer, Mibura

How we operate

Our roots are in enterprise technology: this means we operate with accelerated intention, excellence in nature, correctness and reliability, and a 24x7 mission critical availability mindset.

As we evolved from a small team and took on new challenges each year, our goal never changed: learn new things and stay curious, be kind, do our best with lots of passion and a healthy dose of F U N.

It's a huge responsibility to power and support some of the biggest organizations in the world. We know our job is critical to our customers' success, and that's why we maintain light-heartedness in our chats ;)

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Direct & Open
A direct and open communicator who isn't afraid to think and speak freely and welcomes feedback early and often.
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Technology as a tool
Everything we create, use and work on is for our benefit in empowering us and others. Approach technology with confidence.
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Customer, Company, Partners
Being in such a vibrant ecosystem working with the brightest minds shares means committing to our company, focusing on the customer and learning with our supplier, vendors, and manufacturers thereby gaining understanding from all around us.
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Determination beats smarts
"The most underrated quality of all is being really determined" -Sam Altman, OpenAI
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Take the bad with the good
There will be tough times being in a small highly ambitious organization but it's here where character is built.
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Passion fueled by hope and optimism
How do you endure and excel in challenging times? By having people around that demonstrate perseverance in challenging times. Spend more time around the founder, he knows this better than anyone!
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A smile every mile
How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. On the same token we believe a smile every mile goes farther than one might imagine. It's simple but its the kindest thing we can do.
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Real empathy
We love working with folks who understand emotional intelligence. It can't be taught from a book but comes from experience and is the fabric of great teams.
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Our founder whole heartedly believes that you give without measure and you will receive without measure. It's the greatest gift in life, giving.

In-office & Hybrid Culture

We follow the sun and while one team member is brewing her or his favorite pour over another is running to grab his/her child from school and half way around the world another is wrapping up their work day. Team work certainly made our dreams work for the last sixteen years.

One of the challenges we will face is how do we collectively scale our in-office and hybrid work environment? The simple answer is understanding, respecting,  and nurturing our colleagues most prized commodity: Time.

We feel there's simply no substitute for face to face and in office collaboration - Headquartered  in old Palo Alto we'll make sure we get everyone together regularly here or offsite. All other hybrid workers are in the office Tues-Thur.

Perks & benefits

Competitive Salary with individualized bonus and equity packages

Home office allowance with the latest gadgets & personal cloud sandbox to play in or commuter credits  

Gym membership credits and wellness planning

Complementary lunch, snacks, coffee

Education & training stipend and possible full tuition paid  

Flexible time off

Interviewing at Mibura

Planning & recruiting
The first step in the hiring process is evaluating whether or not there's a need for the role. What will they do, how will they fit into the company, what teams will they be a part of or work closely with, and who will they report to? We assess the priority of the role and get CEO approval before creating documentation for the role. We love to hire within our network as long as there's no conflict which means hiring by honor system.

Short List
If you apply, once we receive your application for the role, we will review it and others and make a shortlist. If you seem to fit the bill, you'll be called for an initial phone screening to get a feel for your experience and discuss the role from your and our angle. Filling a new role is not a one way street!

Skills Assessment
- For technical roles, you’ll have a one-hour technical screening interview.
- For operations or policy roles, you’ll get a take-home assignment.

These typically involve writing responses to several role-relevant questions; they may occasionally require some outside research. Assignments usually take between 2-5 hours, depending on the role.

We include this to minimize bias and make well-informed hiring decisions. We think seeing a candidate’s work helps us assess how they might actually perform on the job; similarly, the assignment gives candidates a better idea of what their work at Mibura might entail. If a candidate likes working through their take-home, that is one indicator that they would enjoy taking on the role, and vice versa.

We recognize that completing work assignments requires time and effort, and that they are not perfectly reflective of the role’s work. Nonetheless, we think that work tests are a useful complement to interviews and reference checks.

Technical Interviews
Technical interviews at Mibura are broadly categorized into ‘engineering’ or ‘research’ interviews, and each candidate is given a mix tailored to their skillset.

Engineering interviews are usually carried out in a lab or cloud  environment, like Microsoft Azure. Network & Systems  engineering interviews are wrapped around your unique building skills and testing the reliability of what you built. Trust us when we say, we will try to tear it down with more than just sledgehammer and exploit the weak points.

These are exhaustive  problems, and are intended to mimic the day-to-day of engineering at Mibura.

We are particularly interested in your thought process and how you attack the problem. You’ll be allowed to look things up with Google, but it’s still important to be familiar with scripting like Python syntax and other fundamentals. We primarily code in Python, and a common reason candidates fail interviews is that they're not fully comfortable in Python.

Research interviews are broader in form. They’ll include some engineering interviews, and some discussions about the kinds of systems we study.
Both the research and engineering interview process also include softer questions about your experience and motivations, and time to ask us about Mibura.

We value direct evidence of ability
- If you’ve done  independent or co op  research with an advisor, written an insightful blog post, or made substantial contributions to open-source software, put that at the top of your resume!

Mibura sponsors visas! We aren't able to sponsor them for every role and every candidate; operations roles are especially difficult to support. But if we make you an offer, we will make every effort to get you into the United States, and we retain an immigration lawyer to help with this.

Green cards
Once you’re eligible, we’re also keen to sponsor green cards!

We do not require degrees  experience is ++
We have several brilliant colleagues who never went to college.

Remote interviewing
All our interviews are conducted over Google Meet or MS Teams. We prefer PST office hours, but we can be flexible if that’s difficult for you.

Similarly, if interviews don’t work out this time, you’re welcome to re-apply after 12 months, and earlier if something materially changes about your experience or skills.

Remote work
Mibura staff all come to the office regularly. Most staff live in California, though a few live further away and come in for one week a month. We also understand that moving can take time, so as a transitional phase some folks start while fully remote.

Offer timing
If we make an offer, we’re happy to give you time to think about it and finish up any other interview processes you’re going through.

Finally, our goal is to acquire evidence as to whether Mibura is a strong match — culturally and functionally — given your experience, ambitions, and working style.

Below, we've provided an overview of our hiring process. We're always happy to provide more details regarding our hiring process at any point in the process. Don't hesitate to ask!

Intro chats

The interview process begins with introductory conversations with members of Mibura's team, which are usually kicked off by one of our recruiters and followed by a hiring manager. These conversations aim to understand your motivations and to get a feel for how your experience shapes your approach and mindset. We also want to introduce you to Mibura, share details about how we operate, and describe some of the projects we're tackling.

Written Exercise

Writing is central to how we operate. The discipline of writing instills rigor and care into how we build the business. To gain an informed view of one's writing, we generally ask candidates to share a writing sample and/or to complete a take-home exercise.

For engineering candidates, the take-home involves writing code (and some documentation), whereas non-engineering candidates may be asked to write a memo.


We ask for references no later than midway through the hiring process. We believe references allow hiring teams and candidates the opportunity to gain invaluable insight regarding whether Mibura is a match in a proactive and collaborative way.

We'll ask to speak with a recent manager and two colleagues (e.g., peer, cross-functional partner) who have worked closely with you, while being respectful of any confidential components of your search


These interviews are an opportunity to meet with individuals in similar roles, cross-functional colleagues, and to spend more time with the recruiter and hiring manager.

In addition, the onsite will include a values alignment interview to learn more about which operating principles are most important to you and how they show up in how you work. We're looking for folks who practice our principles daily and can share relevant examples

Meet with Mibura's founder

Our founder, Imran Mirza (CEO), cares deeply about hiring at Mibura. He makes a point of meeting with every candidate as the final step of the hiring process.

Onboarding - 8 weeks

Once you join Mibura, you'll begin the onboarding process. Onboarding remotely has admittedly been an interesting feat, but our aim is to give you an accurate feel of Mibura and its people as much as possible.
You'll meet the teams on call (or in person, if decided by you and others, and if possible!), and get to know what they do individually and what they work towards together. You'll also learn how you may be working along with them!

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